Day 9 — OctWriPoMo — Believe also The Daily Post Prompt — Believe


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How does belie

become believe?

Did it start with your eyes

betraying your lies?

So it ends with



How did I know

that your words were just show?

Over time, to and fro,

sowing seeds that din’t grow.

Bring me up, then so low.

At the end, you had

to go.


How could you sing

of true love on the wing?

Oh the sighs you could bring!

In the end was the sting;

tuneless nothings

were king.


You had me convinced.

At the end I just winced.

What a fool I had been,

Believing back then.

But those eyes and that voice!

They did make me rejoice.

Got played for a chump.

Hop and skip didn’t jump.

The Daily Post — Prompts — Believe


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  1. Angie says:

    Ah hindsight! I still look back. More fondly now since so many years have passed. But this piece describes it beautifully. Thank you.

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