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Day 12 — OctWriPoMo — Flash Vent

flash vent picture

image link

This poem is not about roofing materials.  I named the poem Flash Vent, then put that in the yahoo image search and this is one of the jpgs that showed up.  Since I love copper workmanship and liked the look of the workmanship in the photo I kept it.

As you will see the poem doesn’t follow the prompts or the form; however the poem will explain why this old bird just isn’t up to it tonight.

Flash Vent

Have you ever felt

Like the last bit

Of juice has

Been wrung

Out of you?

Like your eye lids

Have dollops

Of iron attached

To them

With invisible


Have your legs

Wiggled and wobbled

When you try to

Stand then walk?

Has your boss asked,

Then asked more,

Then again, all

On the same day?

Did you ever face

a state-level work audit

where you prepared

your files, then, not only

does a major one get

excluded, then another

added, but its not yours

but your coworker left

early and may take days

of bereavement off,

returning only after the

audit has been done?

Leaving you to do it?

Oh, and is the audit

Being done by brand new

Auditors who are asking

For documents from

Seventeen years ago?



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