dVerse — Poetics 429 — Donna

Update!  I have an app called TinEye that searches the internet for matches of images.  Looky what I found!  At wikiart.org it says the name of the work is, "Portrait of Nan," by Grant Wood and is dated 1933. Update 2:  OMG.  After learning who the artist was and the name of the painting, I… Continue reading dVerse — Poetics 429 — Donna


dVerse OLN — Willow Moon Waits

Blushing peach glimpsed throughwillow fronds, night rendezvous –warm autumn winds sigh...Dusk gives way to pink sunrise.Cool dew-covered limbs entwine. Grace is today's host for dVerse' Open Link Night.  FYI, I was pushed into WP's new block editor just as I tried to begin the post.  Please forgive any irregularities. Image is Moon Shadow Thanks to… Continue reading dVerse OLN — Willow Moon Waits

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Zoo – m, Zoo – t, and Fierce Creatures

image link Zoo is not quite quick enough, Less than a suit, Brings wild things into sight You don’t have to shoot ~ ~ ~ They’re captivating, Sometimes grating. Hide in plain sight They chase each other Baby, mother Sometimes they fight ~ ~ ~ They’re teamish, Squeamish, Specially the snakes They’re frightful, Delightful, Surrounded… Continue reading Zoo – m, Zoo – t, and Fierce Creatures

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Lips to Toesies

image link who knew it would end up where it did?  blitz poem.  enjoy!   bite the hand bite the lip lip service lip stick stick man stick em up up now up and down down town down round round about round robin robin’s nest robin and batman batman flies batman rides rides hard rides… Continue reading Lips to Toesies

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image link Heart crushed Went deep too fast Hyperbaric chamber Conjures a living past Cells tainted With the scent And smile of him Tears long gone Dry chambers Entombed Within the other Ghosts dangling Before blinded eyes Bones rattling On deaf ears Psyche’s burned imprint Limbic extinguishment A terminal contradiction   the daily prompt --… Continue reading Hyperbaric

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The Man Who Cried Wolf

image link Crawled from the womb To be hungry Wails from the crib Fell on deaf ears Untended filth and rash An unloved infant Dressed up and Brought out for family gatherings.   A boy, a smart boy, Learned the streets Learned the shops who gave treats Found metal and gears And fashioned machines A… Continue reading The Man Who Cried Wolf

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The Daily Prompt — Monster Defense

image link Monster Defense   Struts in Struts like he’s boss Boss of me Boss of the world World smiles World steps aside Aside or he kicks it Aside in his dreams Dreams I’m his Dreams of forever Forever forgiving Forever forgetting Forgetting the monkeys Forgetting the debt Debt they remember Debt they collect Collect… Continue reading The Daily Prompt — Monster Defense

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The Daily Prompt — Resonance

image link Faint as a butterfly's pulse Light as a snowflake's touch Sweet as a drop of warm honey Rare as the perfect pie crust Precious as a baby's first smile Engaging as a cat watching a bird feeder Mindful as counting inhales and exhales Where yin meets yang Resonance   the daily prompt --… Continue reading The Daily Prompt — Resonance