Day 31 — OctWriPoMo — Pearl Jam

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Today is the final day of the 31 days 31 poems challenge of OctWriPoMo.  My choice of form is the acrostic, and the subject is one of my favorite musical groups, Pearl Jam.  The words used are all PJ song titles.

Present tense, push me, pull me

Even flow,

Amongst the waves, animal, all or none

Rival, reprise,

Leash, long road, life wasted, let me sleep.


Just breathe,

Angel, alive,      

Marker in the sand.


One of my favorite PJ songs is Love Boat Captain.  The title didn’t fit here, but this final offering wouldn’t be complete without a video of a song.

Love Boat Captain


It’s been fun to meet the challenge and the feeling of completing it is one of happiness and a sense of accomplishment.  Thank you to all the poets who were also on this adventure.  I’m humbled by your talent and your kind and gracious comments on the offerings.  Hope to see you all next year!

I survived



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  1. Dawn D says:

    I’ve never tried writing a poem based solely on titles. I know a few friends who have tried it, with songs or poems of theirs or others.

    I enjoyed your Acrostic, because it actually conveys a meaning, a feeling.
    Thank you for sharing your work with us this month, it was fun reading you!

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Dawn, my first ambition was to create a poem or story using only Pearl Jam titles, but it was too daunting. When I saw the acrostic prompt it was achievable and yes it does seem to convey a meaning or feeling. Also, thanks for the kind words. I very much enjoyed your work also! I won’t stop reading your work just because the challenge is over and I hope you would consider the same 🙂

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      1. Dawn D says:

        I’ve just followed you, about 2 hours ago 😉

        However, I don’t normally post on Morgan’s blog. I have my own, but it is private for many reasons, one of them being a very complicated divorce, the other the fact that I describe my journey to (re)discover life, which involves a part of my personality I had never been allowed to explore while married. It may not be for everyone, so I’d understand if you don’t want to follow me 😉
        If you are not easily offended, then welcome aboard, just click on my gravatar, it’ll take you to my site, and request access! 🙂

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        1. msjadeli says:

          I think I just requested to follow your blog. Let me know if you don’t get the request! I guess I will have to see what your blog is all about before deciding to follow or not to follow. How does that sound?

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          1. Dawn D says:

            That sounds good! 🙂 I just granted access 🙂

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  2. It’s been a joy reading your OctPoWriMo poems. I hope to read more of your words. 🙂

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Ditto! 🙂 Did you see Morgan and the site wants to keep the prompts going at another site?

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      1. Oh, no I didn’t. I will have to check it out. 🙂 Thanks!

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