The Daily Prompt — Monster Defense

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Monster Defense


Struts in

Struts like he’s boss

Boss of me

Boss of the world

World smiles

World steps aside

Aside or he kicks it

Aside in his dreams

Dreams I’m his

Dreams of forever

Forever forgiving

Forever forgetting

Forgetting the monkeys

Forgetting the debt

Debt they remember

Debt they collect

Collect on his face

Collect on his knees

Knees never bent

Knees now broken

Broken teeth

Broken jaw

Jaw wired

Jaw can’t scream

Scream replaced

Scream preferred

Preferred to rapes

Preferred to locked in

In alone

In starved

Starved for contact

Starved thoughts

Thoughts of no hope

Thoughts of no escape

Escape impossible

Escape possible?

Possible with help

Possible with plan

Plan formed

Plan succeeded

Succeeded too well

Succeeded then charged

Charged with murder

Charged and convicted

Convicted and sentenced

Convicted for self defense

Defense of my life

Defense from a monster

A monster

My life

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