grand traverse bay

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We’d been driving north for a few hours, loosely along Lake Michigan, but only catching glimpses of it through dense trees.  We were headed to Traverse City, where the magnificence of the combination of forest, hills, vineyards, and water makes for nature in complete splendor.  Finally, we approached the part of the highway that ends at the bay, then forks into east and west.  The magic of this area is that there are two peninsulas that reach out like arms into Lake MI.  Each arm is outlined by roads where you can drive the loop and never be far from water views.

The Bay lay out in front of us, a view sparsely obstructed by man-made structures.  Off to either side, in the distance were the outlines of the arms, part of them muscled with dunes.  We decided to go west, where the road travels a magnificent arc.  It was a sunny summer day I remember.  As we drove the arc, the way the sun reached the water created an infinite constellation of sparkles.  The sparkles continued without diminishment all along the arc as we traveled.  They bounced off of the water and into my brain, searing the image of God’s limitless efforts to dazzle us into acknowledging her.  My friends, this day God succeeded.

daily prompt — sparkle


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