Zoo – m, Zoo – t, and Fierce Creatures

zoo abstractimage link

Zoo is not quite quick enough,

Less than a suit,

Brings wild things into sight

You don’t have to shoot

~ ~ ~

They’re captivating,

Sometimes grating.

Hide in plain sight

They chase each other

Baby, mother

Sometimes they fight

~ ~ ~

They’re teamish,


Specially the snakes

They’re frightful,


Surrounded by quakes

~ ~ ~

We like to think the zoo

Is a fun place to go

But ask the critters

They will say

They want to go home.


Also, while on the subject of zoo, there is a film you need to see if you haven’t already seen it.  I’ve heard, “Fierce Creatures” described as the sequel to, “A Fish Called Wanda.”  This is not the case, although the same peerless ensemble stars in both.  “Fierce Creatures” is a film that not only elicits irrepressible laughter, it also keens with caring and genuine wholesomeness.  If you enjoy watching John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, and Michael Palin shine, guaranteed you will love, “Fierce Creatures” (and “A Fish Called Wanda” for that matter!)


prompt — zoo


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