image link, by Vector-Brony

Goddess called a contest

for most Exemplary Bird

to represent all types.

Not a peep was heard

How and why would Goddess

ever do such a thing?

As each bird is exemplary

With or without their sing.

How could she choose

which one of them all was the best

to choose a purple, blue, or green

over an orange chest?

A warble over a tweet?

A swoop over a flutter?

A hooting over a sweet?

A nester over a hutter?

The Birds, they called a Congress,

which led them to Consensus.

They decided to Call Out the Goddess.

They flew to Goddess Palace.

Those who couldn’t fly hitched rides.

They’d prepared a kaleidoscopic choreography,

with an arrangement to rival the Celestial Choir.

Goddess sat on her prismacrystal throne

and commanded her heavenly guards

to allow her guests entry.

It took awhile

for the living rainbow

to place itself just so.

Singers took a collective breath, then began to sing.

The dancers began strutting and fluttering.

Swoopers swooped and swimmers swam

in the royal fountain near the throne.

The Heavens had never seen,

nor heard the likes of

that day’s performance.

The Heavenly Choir was taking notes.

Goddess sat, silently,

her expression bland,

until the last note, flutter, strut,

swoop, and swim had been

sung, fluttered, strutted,

swooped, and swum across

the Celestial Aura.

Hummingbird, penguin, and robin

approached the foot of the Goddess

and humbly asked Her to choose

the best.

Which of them all was exemplary.

Who would gain the prize?

Goddess Smiled —

and each, then, knew, in their hearts,

each one.

word of the day — exemplary






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