free-range shrubbery

free range shrubbery 091918

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Yesterday, I was driving through a region that is dotted with landscape plant greenhouses and row upon row of fields of shrubs of various varieties and sizes.  I also drove through a new 7-mile connector highway that rolls up and down hills and around curves.  Along this section I observed clumps of what looked like now-abandoned shrubs happily growing together.  Maybe it’s a technique of landscape plant farmers but maybe not.  They were enjoying their evergreen lives in nature, without human intervention.  The photo is not of what I saw, but it’s as close as I could get.  If I travel that road again I’ll update the post.  Anyway, it inspired my haiku for the day.

Cresting the hill, below,

clumps of free-range shrubbery

span the valley.


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  1. Free-range shrubbery – love it! 🙂


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