Day 8 — Possession of Illusion

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Today's prompt for OctWriPoMo included:
Falling in love can feel like falling into madness. 
"Does he really love me or is it just lust?" 
Second guessing everything until you feel like you are going mad. 
Write into your moments of madness whether it had to do with love 
or something you became obsessed about or anything else.


magnificent obsession

magnificent possession

possession complete

possession replete

replete with consumption

replete with presumption

presumption of rejection

presumption of redemption

redemption of hollow

redemption of wallow

wallow in sorrow

wallow in tomorrow

tomorrow’s not given

tomorrow’s not livin’

livin’ day by day

livin’ in a way

way of sunshine

way you’re mine

mine like the sun

mine, the one

one who shines

one who’s divine

divine of face

divine displace

displace of calm

displace psalm

psalm tasted

psalm wasted

wasted sleep

wasted weep

weep at sight

weep at night

night waiting

night parading

parading visions

parading collisions

collisions of us

collisions plus

plus reciprocation

plus evocation

evocation unification

evocation revelation

revelation flames

revelation proclaims

proclaims fusion

proclaims illusion

illusion of eternity

illusion sempiternity




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    This is awesome!

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