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Poetry Day 16 — Catch me when I fall

Today’s poetry prompts for OctWriPoMo includes:

Catch Me When I Fall. Finding that person who will support you at every turn is such an important part of any relationship. Also significant is what happens after the fall. How would you describe the balance between giving support and receiving it?

I didn’t follow the form prompt today — no time — but I did write two poems, as I’m of two minds when it comes to the prompt.  The first one, the weighing, is a sure sign a relationship is in trouble.  The second one is theoretical.



Your smile is worth 10 points;

20 points when I just put you down.

When I tell the boss no, I can’t

work overtime tonight, it has

to be worth at least 50 points.

Deduct for every time you

leave the gas tank empty.

When I forget your favorite

dessert, deduct 100 from my score.

Like tax returns, we measure

our income and deductions.

Who is head of household?

Capital gains, net losses.

Do I get a refund or do I pay?

When did our love become a chore?


Relationship Road

Relationship road

covers all terrains,

through hills and vales,

around turns,

fast and slow,

sunny and stormy,

newly paved and washed out.

Once in awhile there’s

a flat tire,

or the radiator overheats.

Some vehicles are clunkers,

some sleek sports cars,

diesels with trailers,

or even motor homes.

Couples may travel

using mapquest,

from memory, or

a neighbor’s map on paper.

Mapquest gives multiple

route choices.

Each couple’s

route varies.

Regular pit stops

and filling stations

are important.

So many variables,

so many combinations,

but what’s vital

is that you’re traveling together,

with the same destination in mind.


12 thoughts on “Poetry Day 16 — Catch me when I fall

  1. I love both your poems.
    I agree that starting to weigh things means the relationship is in trouble. However, I also believe that, sometimes, it is essential, for those of us who keep giving without receiving anything in return but scorn and judgment. It was important to me to know that I was RIGHT to leave. Not selfish. That He’s been the selfish one not ever giving anything to the relationship. No care, no emotion. Only money, and even that, reluctantly.

    As for the second one, I LOVE your last three lines. “but what’s vital/is that you’re traveling together,/with the same destination in mind.”
    I believe this too was lost along the way, somewhere. And if your travelling together but one wants to go one way and the other another way, then you’re in trouble. One of you at least. And again, if it’s always the same one making compromises, then it’s best to travel alone.


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