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Poetry Day 17 — Trigger

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Part of today’s prompt for OctWriPoMo is:  Does madness rule over me/you/us/them?  Does madness fall from the sky in misty dampness, occasional showers, and torrential flooding downpours?  Do I/you/we/they hold the reins, controlling the madness?   Use your brainstorming to create a poem that expresses your thoughts/feelings around “madness”.


Invisible finger on the trigger:

a word, a phrase, a thought

a sight, a smell, a decision;

a switch is flipped.


chained with a huge padlock

x-style across body

green smoke pouring out of ears

gong gong gong

bong bong bong

funeral drums

inside cracked

synapses dried spider webs

back in the (crazy) concentration camp

where the circus is always in town

after every act

in all of its delusional glory

takes a bow

the lunatic is in the hall”

tall stone walls

no doors

water rising

claw marks

looking for something to cling to

no place to gain purchase

at some point

lay back and float

within the rip*

that’s taken me

way way far from shore

give up

beyond my will

it leaves when it will



10 thoughts on “Poetry Day 17 — Trigger

  1. I love how you take the various comparisons and string them all together; it really matches the way thoughts run when we’re overwhelmed. I especially like the image of the circus show!

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