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Poetry Day 22 — Betrayal


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The prompt today is betrayal.  It seems to happen so much, the question must be asked if betrayal is not an immutable part of human nature.  There are levels of betrayal, all painful, but some more harmful than others.   I chose to free form it but split it into 2 halves.


the conscious, willing

gestalt through love,

tender compilation,

sacred stone dropped,

rippling a protective radiance,

warming satellites

and beyond.

synchronized heartbeats

from unfettered trust,

bonds woven, then fused,

peaceful comfort, resting —


until a shit storm of

reigning arrows of

dark self-righteousness,

viral rationalization,

purposeful blindness,

deafness, and heartlessness

rain upon their love.

now hearts a bleeding

pincushion, with a

poison chaser of

subconscious mandate

to reciprocally flagellate


relationships, like life itself, are complicated

who betrayed who?

13 thoughts on “Poetry Day 22 — Betrayal

  1. Your introduction gave me the impulse to write something (I had written so much yesterday already, I didn’t think I’d write anything more… now… I just may!). Thanks!

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