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First is an acrostic poem, then a distillation of the ideas in a free-form.

People with a shared vision and willing to act based on that vision, where vision includes sharing the Earth with its other inhabitants where other critters are allowed to live in peace

Air, fresh, along with space to move freely, space to have privacy when needed

Relaxation in any non-harmful way [libraries, lakes, hiking, biking, sailing, hammocks]

Acreage enough to grow crops, textiles, building materials, and generate alternative fuels to stay off the grid

Dancing, lots of dancing, which means, hand in hand, lots of music and musicians

Integrity of the inhabitants, which means do your best and give your best to the community

Sharing with each other, keeping channels of communication open

Ecstasy, through myriad ways to commune with spiritual nature


Everyday people,

breathing and moving

enjoying the planet

cultivating, self-sustaining

gyrating, resonating

communing with Gaia

as her loving children.

dversepoets prompt — utopia


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  1. Gina says:

    integrity – that does seem an important aspect of humanity to maintain a paradise

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  2. Gaia bless- love to hear her name invoked

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Gaia bless you also ❤


  3. This is truly a wonderful place, but will it ever be possible?

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  4. Reading this is conjunction with Wang Wei’s poem leads me back to my two hours a week studying a new Chinese poem in the giant polluted city of Chengdu and in the reading, at once transported to that far off “immortal place.” That hadn’t ever really happened before reading other poetry but it has happened since. There is power in the words written, as if a clue or a key. One might even say the words come alive like prayers. That’s really why I wanted to initiate this prompt. Thanks so much for your own ‘key.’

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    1. msjadeli says:

      So happy to hear that it struck a chord with you.


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