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OK, time to get myself together and get out there and VOTE.  So much is at stake in Michigan elections, especially with the governor’s race.  We have had slimeball for awhile but his term limits are up.  We had a GREAT contender in the primaries, Abdul El-Sayed , but he lost the Democratic nomination, to Whitmer, whose daddy was one of the top power brokers of Blue Cross/Blue Shield, a private insurance corporation, for years.  Anyone who doesn’t want to see another Republican at the governor’s helm will vote for her.  Iffy at best, but she does say she wants to fix our state’s horrible physical infrastructure — including the water lines in Flint.

Also on the table today are some very important ballot proposals — well one at least –one is to legalize marijuana (that’s not the important one to me, even though I’m in favor of it), one is to allow automatic voter registration through Secretary of State, and the third — the vitally important one — is to END GERRYMANDERING through the appointment of a committee drawn up of equal #s of repubs and dems and some undeclared via lottery.

I’d be interested in hearing what’s at stake in your State’s elections today if you care to share.

Stream of consciousness write for voting today:

jumping in the car for the roundabout drive to my voting location, which is a small dingy poorly lit building where the ancient crones sit and nod while looking through their books to make sure you’re a real person so you can cast your ballot.  when i first started voting at this station a few years back they were a little standoffish as this is a huddled community in this township where everybody knows everybody and everybody’s daddy knows everybody’s daddy and dirt and connections and i was not born into it.  i came from the mean streets and learned to lock my car doors at ALL times, even running in and out of the house because i forgot the library book i wanted to return.  things are a lot more laid back out here.  as i kept returning to vote for EVERY election, the crones got to know my face and of course they see i live just down the street, so now they smile and sort of welcome me to their turf.  i have my choices selected for the lesser known races, especially the “non-partisan” judge races.  some are for the appellate court.  we’ll see what happens tomorrow.  please, say a prayer for michigan, and for the other 49 states, and pray the pendulum begins it’s swing away.

Word of the day challenge — dingy


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  1. RhScribbles says:

    Our state, Texas, has a big senate race! We want BETO! Well, I do! Yes… so many races across this United States. I’m trying to breathe properly!! I’ll be watching the returns!!

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    1. msjadeli says:

      just got back. encouraging to see a steady stream of voters today. Hoping BETO gets the win for Texas!

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      1. Dawn D says:

        Well, he didn’t 😦 BUT… you flipped the gubernatorial seat! Well done you. And I think you also did something about gerrymandering, if I read well in my half asleep state?

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  2. Dawn D says:

    I wanted to go to bed early… but how can I? I will probably not be able to wait until the polls close in California, but I’d like to have a little idea of where this is going… Sigh!

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