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When Mother Gaia Pulls the Plug

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Today’s dverse prompt is for a November poem. The form is kyrielle sonnet. The photos and video were taken outside today. I feel this poem up close and personal!


Hued raiment cloaked, colorless pall

Greens, browns, reds, fleeting, if at all

Sighing as I sip from my mug

When Mother Gaia pulls the plug


Heat flown, must be cultivated

Chills grown and must be placated

Recall Indian Summer’s hugs

When Mother Gaia pulls the plug


Vibrancy vacates, life stands still

Only growing: snow hills and bills

And layered clothes. I need a hug

When Mother Gaia pulls the plug


Hued raiment cloaked, colorless pall

When Mother Gaia pulls the plug

youtube of just outside my door

dverse prompt — November poem

30 thoughts on “When Mother Gaia Pulls the Plug

  1. Off topic, I keep putting off doing the award thing. I don’t “know enough people who have few followers. Only one. I am thinking of doing a breaking the rules and just thanking you publicly. What do you think?

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        1. Thank you for your hope, Richa, it is. Snow is still on the ground, but no new stuff is falling. It’s halfway still warm in here after the wood burner went out in the night, so it probably isn’t as cold today.

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  2. “When Mother Gais pulls the plug”, I love the repetition of this line – very effective Jade! I was really taken by this piece Msjadeli… :-). Following here is a haiku I wrote 9 years ago. Thought you might enjoy it.

    Man seeks dominion
    Frail balance has been disturbed
    Gaia is weeping
    © rob kistner

    …rob from Image & Verse
    Lost in Azure

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  3. I feel a symmetry with Gaia and Ceres/Demeter weeping for Persephone bringing in winter, but when it Gaia it is orders of magnitude more ominous than Ceres’ cyclical seasonal grief and renewal. Your poem has apocalyptic currents and yet a calm sad mix of resignation and determination. “I need a hug”. Brilliant, personal, terrifying – and yet not. Oh how we need to get real about our stewardship of this magical mother/garden. I think maybe I’ll go turn down the thermostat and pull on a sweater.

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