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Rollin on a River — not yet


rollin rollin rollin on a river. Rivers now with sheen of ice couldn’t roll far on them now without taking a dip in icy cold. The ducks don’t seem to mind. Always have wondered how one part of their body is fluffy and warm with feathers and another part reptilian. It’s snowy again out there. When I woke up I thought I saw sunlight through the blinds and so was prepared for the snow to be gone. Instead what I thought was sunlight was the brightness of the snow across the land.

SoCS — role/roll

7 thoughts on “Rollin on a River — not yet

  1. Thank you Ruth! Michigan used to have (maybe still does) the nickname Winter Wonderland. What most don’t know is it isn’t wonder as in wonderous, but wondering when winter will leave 😉

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