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Mi Familia

love tree

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Thank you, Grace from dverse for the prompt today for a Quintilla. The form is a Spanish Quintain (Quintilla), which is a 16th century Spanish Quintain form of eight syllable (Iambic Tetrameter) lines. When written as a decastich (2 quintillas), the verse is known as Copla Real.  The topics for my Copla Real are based on the family gathering today.


A family gathering gives,

Appreciating why one lives

Reminisces, laughter galore

About things serious before

Time, growth, and love blossoms forgives.


Sons, now men, have women to love

Humble prayers they would be beloved

Helpmates, companions, hand in hand

Cherished partners, unfolds as planned

Answers sent by Gaia’s sweet doves

24 thoughts on “Mi Familia

    1. that is interesting. You don’t live in Oregon now? I put it as Mi Familia instead of My Family because the form has Spanish origins, and also practicing my Spanish (have been doing duolingo for close to 2 years now trying to learn it). Glad you liked the poem 🙂


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