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#YPQ #4 Better to Know or Not?

Fandango has provoked us with yet another question.  This is the best one yet, imo.

Is it better to know or is it better to not know?”


Things it’s better not to know:

–How hot Charlie Hunnam looks in a suit

Jax in suit

image link

Let’s face it, he looks good in anything, or even nothing, so…. STOP LOOKING AT HIM.  HE’S MY MAN!!!!!!

–when death is coming

–if extraterrestrials are watching us

–if extraterrestrials are already here among us (“They Live”)

they live

“They Live” poster link

–what microscopic zoological extravaganza lives on and in everything (including you!)

–what kinds of sexual antics your loved ones engage in with their partners (no thanks!)

–who the best author in the world is (then the rest of us would pale in comparison)

–what’s living out in the woods behind my house


Things it is better to know:

–if your partner is cheating on you

how harmful refined carbs are

how factory farmed animals are treated

–how many animals in the US are euthanized each year because they have no homes for them (estimated to be 4 million)– please spay/neuter your pets and don’t buy from puppy/kitty mills!

21 thoughts on “#YPQ #4 Better to Know or Not?

    1. you got it. There is a *small* pond way back, where they dug sand out for under this house when they built it. It’s full of all kinds of frogs in nice weather, so I used to love to walk back there and see how many I could see and try to snap pictures of them. But one day I heard something crashing through there and it was big by the sounds of it. I ran as fast as I could back to the house but quickly realized I don’t move very fast. If it had wanted to catch me it would have. I think its a bear as there are mass quantities of blackberries back in there and maybe even frog hor’doevres (sp?)

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      1. I read where a bear was found near where I live recently. I’ve never seen one here but we are in the country so there could be some. We do have Bobcats but again I’ve never seen one.

        I love frog… They don’t tend to eat you lol. I’ve seen shows where they say to make a lot of noise and bears will run away…yea right…no I’m not drawing attention to myself.

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            1. When you say a bear was found near where you live, how near was it? There was one spotted 3 miles from here a couple years ago. The year before that, one somehow swam across the lake near here, which is about 5 miles from here and started walking around a part of the city. I think it got spooked and swam back.

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              1. Around 10 miles from here…so yours was a little closer. I live in middle TN and they’re not known to be here much…east TN they are all over in the mountains.

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                  1. Yes north of Nashville in a small county named Cheatham. It’s like living in Mayberry but Nashville is only around 40 minutes away or less without traffic so it works.

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            2. With the Revenant after the bear mauls him the rest of the movie is him trying to crawl his way back to civilization. I thought it was so unpleasant to watch but if you like survival movies, that’s the one to see.

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