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Meeting the Bear

female black bear

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Jilly at dverse poets pub is the hostess this evening and has asked for a poem with repetition.  This one is in the form of villanelle . I saw a Disney-produced — yes, I hate Disney, but — movie a couple of years ago, called, “Bears”, which is a documentary of a mother bear and her cubs.  It struck me just how difficult it is for a critter out in the wild to stay alive.  This poem is in honor of that mama bear and all the other mama critters in the wild trying to make it.


Meeting the bear who lives out back.
Her way meanders; survives in the sticks.
To live where one wanders takes knack.

For now she curls in the hunter’s shack.
There’s need to read, “Intro to Bears” tricks.
Meeting the bear who lives out back.

Last year, five miles from here, on Dunewood Mac
She lived, with her cubs, underneath clay bricks.
To live where one wanders takes knack.

With a sorta plan, we left carrots stacked.
“Stay away, she’ll attack!”, said the skeptics.
Meeting the bear who lives out back.

Solitary traveler, has no pack;
Her nose sniffs the air, to food does affix.
To live where one wanders takes knack.

Telephoto aimed at sight of fresh track,
Before she moves on, as season predicts.
Meeting the bear who lives out back.
To live where one wanders takes knack.

39 thoughts on “Meeting the Bear

    1. Thank you Glenn. Your kind words are appreciated. I’d heard about that movie but couldn’t bear to watch it if he was attacked. Watching Revenant a few years ago was so traumatic to see and think that’s what happened to the poor guy.


      1. It’s a clip from the 1988 movie, The Bear. Face to face with the Grizzley. Putting food out for a bear is the best way to end up facing a bear. Smart creatures, but not at all above making a snack out of someone being a source of food.

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      2. Believe me, I want to stay as far away from bears as possible. The poem was fictitious beyond I think one lives out in the woods — or at least passed through — behind my house. Did you ever have any encounters with bears? I saw “The Revenant” and was really traumatized by what the bear did to poor Leonardo.


      3. That was just wishful thinking on the director’s part. 🙂 I was lucky. Told the people I was guiding keep as much food in your tent as you want… I’ll be about a thousand yards down the path. And I’ll contact your next of kin. Did see lots of other wildlife, ‘though. Northern Minnesota, southern Manitoba.

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    1. I just went out to youtube and think I found the clip you wanted me to see. On the side of the mountain and the guy curls into fetal position? Guess what I’ll be dreaming about tonight! Dang.


    1. That’s so depressing. Who will put a stop to this madness? Between the cattle and the sheep, there is no room for anyone else but humans 😦 Thank you for your kind words on the poem. You make it look easy, but not so much 🙂


      1. It’s never easy writing something good 🙂 It’s a discourse I really hate, when it’s assumed that we take a decision on whether to massacre an animal species on the grounds of there not being ‘room’ for us and them. Who says? Who gave us the right to take all the land, destroy it and kick off every other living creature from it? Then you look at what we ‘need’ the land for—amusement parks, luxury homes, commercial centres, shops, airports etc etc.

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