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The Word Challenge of the day is eruption , and Fandango’s One-Word Challenge is floor.  Since I”m just now getting to this, it’s going to be a quickie.

I woke up to a rumbling underneath the floorboards. Shards of white light lasered between them, burning holes in the dingy ceiling. All I could think was WTF is going on. Looking at the alarm clock, it said 3 a.m., but through and around the bedroom drapes it was as bright as noon. Chauncey was whining and stuck close to the side of my legs. I tried to swing them over to sit on the edge and his form moved with them and he yelped. Finally I managed a sitting position and looked for my slippers to slip my feet into. They were vibrating across the floor.

A feeling you get while going up in an elevator came over me. Suddenly a large claw the size of Kaiju‘s erupted through the floor and into the room, reaching for me and Chauncey. As the floorboards tumbled down and away, much in the same way as Jenga tiles fall, I saw below the landscape in miniature, receding. The green claw snapped and everything turned red – then black.


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  1. This feels like the cold open to a Kaiju-featuring supernatural TV show… or a new Godzilla movie. Well done!

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Thank you! It was the first thing that popped into my mind when I wanted it short and sweet. Pacific Rim and Godzilla movies are the only place I’ve seen Kaiju, but I think there is a wealth of graphic novels, etc. out there on them?

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      1. The Godzilla series is the one I know. I know several anime that are about or kinda about Kaiju but not graphic novels.

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