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Game of Thrones (SPOILER ALERT)

game of thrones

image link, which leads to S8 teaser video

The Word of the Day Challenge is capitulate.

For individuals who have NOT seen Game of Thrones but have considered watching it at some point, stop reading this post now and click away from it.

OK now, let’s get on with the post. The root of capitulate is capitas, which is head. When I think of capitulate, the following scene is the epitomy of capitulation. For GoT fans, I know I’m not the only one who went bat shit crazy when this happened.

Seldom has there been a moment in television history this gut-wrenching and horrifying. I had to stop the clip before the end.

By the same token, I was never more gleeful when Joffrey got his.

If you’re with me this far, how geeked are you to see Season 8??????

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