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#SoCS Music(als) from 1970


sesame street album

I didn’t live far from one of the first big department stores in the area from the age of 10 to 16. My best friend and I would walk the couple of blocks to it at least once a day, sometimes multiple times. It had everything, a snack bar, shoe repair, ice cream shop, clothing, groceries, and a record department. Aside from hanging out at the snack bar while mixing all of the flavors at the soda pop machine, we often would hang out in the records area and comb the selections. At home we had AM radio and so only heard top 40 music. At the record store just about anything could be there. I remember buying the “Sesame Street” album and learning the songs. What can I say? At 12 years old I led a very sheltered life in many ways.

Another 2 LP set I bought around that time was, “Jesus Christ, Superstar”. I don’t know what the news source was, or if there even was a news source, but while listening to it and reading the words about Jesus & Crew, it seemed so radical, risque, or even sacrilegious, even though I’m sure I didn’t know what sacrilegious was at the time. I did know I loved it and listened to it again and again. Perhaps buying and listening to “Jesus Christ, Superstar” was my first act of rebellion?

You can hear much of it here but broken down track by track:

Thank you, Linda, for the prompt. It has been many, MANY moons since thinking about these two LPs.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday — music

5 thoughts on “#SoCS Music(als) from 1970

  1. We like some of the same music, though I discovered these later in life. I believe I saw Jesus Christ Superstar on TV in my agnostic 20s. I had rebelled against my traditional Christian upbringing but the movie and cool music planted a seed of interest in my resistance. That seed took root and grew strong after my son was born. I got into Sesame Street watching it with my son in the late 80s and later with my daughter. Good stuff! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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  2. I haven’t thought of Jesus Christ Superstar in years… I remember hearing a lot about Hair and the Age of Aquarius.
    Now Jesus Chris Superstar will be in my head all night.

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  3. My kids also watched Sesame Street. Buying that LP so long before they were born and then they enjoyed it, weird, never thought about that until just now. Glad you enjoyed the trip 🙂

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  4. Hey there could be worse things in your head. I haven’t thought about Hair in years. Long hair’s back in also, which I see as a good thing for young people. Long hair is like a ticket to good times in my mind.

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