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They Say…


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They say hearts are meant to be broken.

They say once broken it’s tougher than before.

They say if you don’t love, your heart will turn to stone.

You’ll curl up into a corner, wither, and die.

They are talking about romantic love.

They are talking about erotic love.


Go out there, fool, and get it stomped.

Wear that enlarged scarred thing with pride.

Love as if your life depended on it.

Strike that lover like two pieces of flint and get that thang sparkin.

Woo woo woo Howl at the moon under her window, or you’re a loser.

Kama Sutra Mama Mia thatsa spicy – or else.


I say hearts aren’t meant to be broken.

To say they are is like saying kittens are meant to be run over.

That’s like saying it’s ok to treat someone like crap

because they need to toughen up; it’s a hard world out there.

That’s like saying prepare for pain because that’s

just what humans do.


I say once it’s broken, it is sore and tender, and

shrinks from further damage.

A scarred heart doesn’t pump like it should;

its blood pumps with a Lub, no Lub-Dup.

A broken heart is cracked and unsightly.

A broken heart is awkward.


I say you can love in other ways:

Like a sunset, or a sunrise, or billowy clouds;

Like steady rain on the roof, powdered snowdrifts;

Like a good book, a good movie, a good poem;

Like your children, your friends, your neighbors —

And they can love you.


I say life will go on, and your damaged heart will yet pump, though imperfectly.

You’ll start new hobbies, get better at old hobbies,

And your children, friends, and neighbors will become

even more dear than they were to you.

You may want furbabies for companionship.

You may travel and meet friends across the globe.


I say you can sop up as much romance as you can handle

by watching The Hallmark Channel or reading Barbara Cartland, or

Binge watching Sex in the City and dreaming of a date with Big.

Buy yourself a dozen roses and drink a whole bottle of champagne.

Have a Girls (or Guys) Night out and get all gussied up.

Hire a Mariachi Band to serenade you.


I say titillation and satisfaction can be solo.

If you need to get your rocks or rockettes off

there are many many appliances and gadgets.

Porn Hub can help. Or an active imagination.

Oils, music, etc. Take yourself to the spa.

Full body massage by Masseuse/Massuer.


Don’t let them tell you.

Statistics have an agenda.

Here’s a perfect video to go with this poem.

49 thoughts on “They Say…

  1. I’m with you. After a while, it’s like enough already… I’ll just read about it & watch the movies, thx. I have enough heartbreak to draw on for poetry and writing for the rest of my life plus. Much better to love family and furbabies. ❤️🐱❤️🐱

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  2. Ms Li, you have brighten up my December, with this poem. As I found myself, many times, nodding my head or laughing, in agreement. Thank you for this, I needed it,

    May the coming holiday season, leave you happy and loved.

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  3. I agree with you on this : I say life will go on, and your damaged heart will yet pump, though imperfectly.

    Love life and have fun!!!

    Thank you for your support of dVerse and wishing you Happy Holidays!!!

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  4. Yes indeed Li, I really enjoyed this cri de coeur – own your love, your joy, your pain, your sadness and your scars too and press on still with hope in your heart towards the light…

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  5. Bjorn, it’s uplifting that you connected with it. Yes, it is time for the stigma on people without partners to end. I put that link into youtube and a page of videos came up. The top one was a guy dressed in a Santa suit who was snowboarding with drones and music. Is that the one?


  6. I just opened the post itself to get the link and the video is open on this page. lol. I’ll get the hang of this thing yet. Miss Li song and video is very awesome. Quite the party going on there and elsewhere it sounds like. Thanks again Bjorn 🙂


  7. I think its mostly the young tend to romanticize the drama and hurt that can come from relationships. As a middle aged woman, I see such relationships as exhausting and not worth the cost of good *ahem* gadgets. LOL, it’s one of the many reasons I’m glad that I have a love that can be measured by decades that is mostly drama free (unless he eats something for lunch I was saving for myself!)

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  8. Oh God Yes Look at all those other
    Rocks Out in Space so Hot and Cold
    Yes by God no..
    don’t miss
    when you
    Can And Will Just Do IT..
    hehe i guess i should Sell
    Shoes as soon as i finish
    the rest of these Hall Mark Cards for Real..;)

    Oh by the way i am the cast and crew
    of that ‘Happy’ SonG as where i live at least i’m Viral Happy..;)

    Don’t let anyone take Your Bliss away..
    i sure don’t.. no one takes my Smile Away
    or Crazy
    No Matter Where i go..
    yeah it’s true i’ve Danced in Public
    10,396 Miles in the Last 63 Months..
    Needed something to Achieve Greater
    Focus for a 6.6 Million Word Epic Long Form
    Poem in 64 Months after i was a Shut-in with
    19 Medical Disorders for 66 Months.. it’s never to Late to Smile again..:)

    Merry Christmas my Friend Stay ‘Happy’!
    Rudolph Sure Does With Shades And a 58 Year Old Mustache too..;)

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  9. oh wow! that was very nice and such a pleasure to hear your voice. so very brave and a well articulated first attempt, I loved it. I could feel the laughter in your voice , a little trembling but excitement nonetheless. I am glad you challenged yourself and read it Jade. So well done!! thank you for sharing with me.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hearts are precious, there are worse things than wanting to protect them, what a miracle when they smash together though, even if the resulting pain subsumes the other memories. The final clinching line is a killa gem girl, and underscores the truth about a lot of what “they” say… usually the agenda is selling sumpin.

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