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January Coloring Club — 1/3/19

I learned yesterday that Linda G Hill’s coloring club will be once a month, but I mentally prepared to post a coloring once a day for the month of January.  If you want to link to my daily posting for this month or put a link in the comments section with your colorings, please feel free.  This is a very laid back thing, no pressure.  I’ve got a few in reserve and will be working on new ones.  Today’s was colored a few years back and is the pic on the title page of the book I have:

january 3 2019


11 thoughts on “January Coloring Club — 1/3/19

  1. A few years ago this seemed to be a big fad- is it still? The library even had an adult coloring day once a month – but I haven’t been seeing the books around anymore like before? Is this still the thing the hipsters are into?

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  2. I don’t know. I bought this book back in 2016 and did a few. When Linda brought it up last week, I pulled the book out. It’s probably old news now. A parent of one of “my” kids when I was still working said the dollar store has them dirt cheap. I also saw many stacks of them at a discount clearance store, Ollies, a month or so ago for next to nothing. It’s fun, yes. Is it hip? Not anymore.

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  3. I used to see them featured in bookstores- my wife bought a few books and would do it. I just hadn’t heard much on it the past couple years. I am sure the books are out there it seemed pretty popular at one time.

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