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Madness Ignited

padded cell

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Fandango’s FOWC today is madness and Word of the Day Challenge is ignite. This gloomy weather is getting to me. Today’s offering is both disturbing and frightening.

WARNING:  It may be triggering and is not suitable for children. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

a finger traces an imaginary line

down a path thick with rubber

imagining the wooden walls

of the prison, now ashes.

She hears clinking keys

soft thuds of the orderlies

padding up and down halls

sometimes pausing at her door

a slit of light blazes in eyes

gone dark since the flames

she rocks back and forth

remembering waves

tapping her toes

waves that could not

reach to extinguish

now returned dust

she dozes


a slapping sound wakes her

over and over, in her head

light washes her

curled form

the aide puts a warm hand

on her hunched shoulder

and says softly,

you have a visitor”

she helps her with

the sweats and

drags a brush over

the rat’s nest

“there, there”

trying to straighten

pops and creaks

bounce off the walls

walking baby steps

to the day room


light assaults her

she squints

there, over there

it’s her


her face scrunched

as if she’d never

seen a lunatic

before, or a

lunatic she knew

oh she knew

many in her

family but that

lunacy was what

she knew

this was new

this was someone

she was used to

feeling above

taking for granted

treating so so

yet known

deep inside

was her equal


such sadness

in her eyes

to see the fall

to see the husk

the friend on a leash

now in a cage


she waited

until she began

her cooing

her so sorrys

to speak

her first words

since the


i curse you.

for the curse

to commence

a lock of your

hair, my dear”

leaping like

a crippled

cat, claw


a clump

was got


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