Underdog’s Riddle


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Fandango’s FOWC is underdog, and the Word of the Day Challenge is riddle.

Today’s post is inspired not only by the challenge words but by my experience at karaoke last night. My friend called and asked me to figure out who had karaoke so I did the google and gave her 3 places and numbers. I chose the place of the 2 that had it because I knew it was a big place with a decent crowd (at least 15 years ago it was!) The place is still big but the crowd at 9:30pm was somewhat sparse; however there was someone up there belting out their tune. We learned that pretty much everyone who was there was there to sing, and many sang very well. Later on, a party bus dropped off, well, a party, so things got hopping then. I recorded one song a group got up and sang, which will be at the end of this post. I did it kind of sneakily by just turning on the video but holdng the phone low. OK now on with the story.


The diminutive man sat quietly at the bar, avoiding eye contact with all but the bartender. Dressed in unassuming clothes and drinking tap beer, he remained invisible while a steady stream of singers made their way to the karaoke station.

The chattering in the bar continued, the harsh laughter of the drunks, the clinking glasses in the water, the heating units on the walls whooshing with warmth, providing accompaniment to each golden oldie singer. For some singers, the noise was an obstruction; for others, it was a blessing.

The invisible underdog remained so until his name was called by one of the gentlemen operating the karaoke station. He got up quietly and walked the long mile.

The music to, “When a Man Loves a Woman” started as the words started flickering across the screen. From the first note’s balmy beacon of sound – which not only paralyzed the patrons but generated a riddle in the minds of those patrons as to how a small box could open up into a 3 story building – until the exultant crescendo of the last note, nobody stirred, their focus upon the 4 foot Titan of the Moment.

From on high, the Goddess smiled with such radiance that the next week’s winter days were filled with sunshine.


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