FOWC Metamorphosis

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Fandango’s FOWC today is metamorphosis.

I remember reading Kafka’s Metamorphosis back some years ago, as an assignment for an elective English class that used a World Reader for its readings. The post should be as much about the World Reader as it is about Kafka’s tale. Maybe another day.

Our brains can synthesize but only with what data it has had access to. Getting real here for a minute, I grew up leading a very sheltered life, and that sheltering continued long into adulthood. My world was very small. When I started college in 1980, it was for a specific vocation; there were general education credits in the usual areas like English, Math, etc. One step towards expanding the horizon was when I took the above English class.

Metamorphosis is a story that repelled and depressed me. My focus was on the man morphing into a giant insect and being imprisoned in his room. It was only when we started discussing it in the classroom that I enlightened as to who was really metamorphising. I’m not sure what that says about my intellect, but it was only after it was pointed out to me that it seemed so obvious.

I think we are all morphing every day but most days it is nothing we think consciously about. And, like Kafka’s story, it may only become apparent in retrospect and with the insights of others.

It behooves each of us to keep learning new things and expanding our repertoire from which to synthesize, especially those of us who are writers, which in Word Press, is all of us!


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  1. Paula Light says:

    Agree! This is why I try not to zone out in front of the TV. Even junk food reading has something to teach me.

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