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d’Verse — Haibun Monday: January

pheasant by fence

Today’s offering is a haibun written for hostess of the evening’s d’Verse, Kim’s, prompt of January.

Waking up at eleven, looking out at another repetition of anemic feebleness that washes the life out everything. Invisible beyond grey, clouds prevent any instance of ROYGBIV. Eyes strain to delineate blah from blah. To say it is preferable to the blank of dark is astounding, as who would prefer that?

A bitter cold pervades outside, while gathering wood, walking to the mailbox, or filling the bird feeders. The chill sneaks in through hastily opened and shut doors and under them. Just the sound of the wind decreases the temperature inside. No layers, socks, slippers, hats, or blankets can keep its touch away.

Friends call and text photos of where they are frolicking in warmth with scant clothing. They leave for months with nary a thought of the living icecubes, abandoned to the cold. When it rains instead of snows, there is no outdoor recreation aside from staying dry while doing the chores.

January trees

sleep in naked abandon

dreaming of warm green.

Update on 1/10/19:

Looking out this morning, I saw the pheasant outside of the slider on the back of the house.  Trying to think of something to put out for the critter to eat, I remembered a bag of quinoa in the freezer.  Quinoa is a “wild” grain and so probably a good choice.  I opened the side door as quietly as possible and threw out a few handfuls.  Mr. Pheasant eventually made around to that area and began pecking at the grain.  Here’s the video.  Today is another happy day.

36 thoughts on “d’Verse — Haibun Monday: January

  1. so many titbits of tasty words Jade! especially the rainbow alphabets – so creative! living ice cubes looking at scantily clad warm bodies – oh what a feeling. and your haiku is mesmerising

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  2. I recognise that anaemic feebleness so typical of January – a wash-out month if ever there was one, Jade. I like the phrase ‘Eyes strain to delineate blah from blah’ and the personification of the chill sneaking in. Tonight, the wind has been howling, not just outside but also down the chimney, which has an up-side as it is making the fire roar! My favourite bit is the haiku and those naked trees dreaming of warm green.

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  3. Hell of a note when one prefers darkness to the chilled blah of day. I have so many indoors interests, January does not really phase me; went for a walk today as, the feeble sun breaks brightened moments here and there.

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    1. The land is anemic and feeble looking. I feel for you in your ice cold home. Why is it so cold inside? Here it’s because of wood heat and I’m too cheap (translated poor) to turn on the electric registers.


      1. It’s cold because we only have two rather feeble old wood stoves. The chimneys are too old and narrow and rickety to cope with modern wood burners which need a much wider diameter outlet pipe. The electricity is for the lighting and the water heater. Everything else runs off multi-point plugs from the one plug socket in the house. No radiators.

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  4. It was more like Spring here today which was strange, but I can definitely relate to the bone chilling temps too. I like the humour infused into this….oh those people that have to flaunt their sunny vacations! hehe

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    1. One of my friends has a daughter and her family living in Fort Myers, FL so she and her hub go there for months every winter. She is so used to it it’s no big thing. To me it would be everything to put this ice cube on plane flying south!

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  5. Your words certainly conjure gray in its extreme dullness, but the image (photo?) is simply gorgeous – looks like a pheasant at the fence post?

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