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acrylic light blue

Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday’s prompt is about art, either art on our home’s wall or art in a museum.

The art I choose to stream-of-consciousness on today are acrylic pour paintings I did last year. One of my friends heard about the class being held in a nearby art gallery. I watched a few youtubes before going to have some kind of idea what would be happening. I invited both of my sons and their significant others to go but only older son and his girlfriend went with me. Choosing which colors to join in the painting was the hardest part. Once the colors were chosen then they were layered in a small plastic cup with something called Flotrol, which smooths out the paint, then a few drops of silicon to make “cells”, then an art stick is used to turn it all in the cup very slightly, then turn the cup upside down on the canvas and leave it there for 5 minutes to do its thing, then slowly lift the cup. The next step is tricky as you move the canvas around to make sure the whole thing gets covered. If you want to be brave, you can mess with it a little more and put twirls in it or drops of paint. Then it sits there for 2 days to dry. The canvas has been lifted up from the pizza box underneath to catch drips by little dressing cups so it doesn’t stick to the pizza box when it dries. Son and his girlfriend had fun with it and it was interesting to see how different each of ours turned out.

The light blue and white painting was done the first time I went. The one with pinks (below) was done at the second class, where I went with a friend and her daughter. The second one, I added the flowers at home to change it up a little. I have all of the supplies to do more, and I have done more, but the reality is where will/would I hang them if I keep making them. They are done probably more for the fun of the process than long-term enjoyment, at least for me.

drug of choice

24 thoughts on “SoCS — art

    1. yes, depending on the amount of Flotrol you use the amount of silicon you drip in, the thickness of the paint, and how you manipulate it in the cup and on the canvas gives it a lot of variation (not to mention the colors you choose) Oh! Almost forgot, in the class she put a blowtorch to it and helped us do it, where it will draw the heavier paint to the surface. I can’t do that part at home yet.

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    1. Thank you, never thought of it that way but now that you mention it… I was reading about your barred rock chicken, Amelia. When we had chickens before we ended up getting an assortment of chicks from a guy who raised several varieties. We had a couple of the barred rocks. They were all tame. One of the barred we named Big Mama (she got pretty big!) was a wonderful chicken and had a lot of personality also.

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