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SLS –Pearl Jam’s Smile

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Today’s Song Lyric Sunday is hosted by Jim Adams. The prompt for today laugh/laughter/laughing. Today’s offering is another song from my favorite band, Pearl Jam. The name of the song is Smile, which is almost a laugh. Hoping it is close enough. Smile is from, “No Code”, released in 1996, which followed “Vitalogy,” which was released in 1994.  My research discovered that PJ was fighting Ticketmaster during this time. There were conflicts within the band also.  Jack Irons was still the drummer.  “No Code” was not as well received as previous LPs.  The band considered this a transitional time for them with their music.  

I own both Vitalogy and No Code.  There is a marked difference in the two albums.  Vitalogy has a lot more of the screaming songs.  No Code is more subdued.  It’s a beautiful piece of work and Smile is just one of a whole album’s worth of great tunes.

Please note:  the video I chose for this must have been made later, as Jack Irons is not playing the drums in these scenes.  Matt Cameron became PJ drummer in 1998.  I chose this video because the guys were having a good time throughout.


Don’t it make you smile?

Don’t it make you smile?

When the sun don’t shine? (Shine at all)

Don’t it make you smile?

Don’t it make you smile?

Don’t it make me smile?

When the sun don’t shine, it don’t shine at all

Don’t it make me smile?

I miss you already… I miss you always

I miss you already… I miss you all day

This is how I feel…

I miss you already… I miss you always

Three crooked hearts and swirls all around…

I miss you all day

Artist: Pearl Jam

Composer: Ament/Vedder

Lyrics from:

– – – –

Steve Bureau from says:

Although Eddie Vedder is credited with writing the song’s lyrics, most of the lyrics were actually written by Dennis Flemion of The Frogs. Before a performance of the song at Pearl Jam’s June 30, 2006 concert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vedder discussed the song. He stated:

“ There’s a band that hails from Milwaukee – they’re an important band to myself, other guys in this group, guys in Queens of the Stone Age, Kurt (Cobain), Nirvana – everybody was really touched and moved by this little band. They were called The Frogs. I’ve got all their records, all 692 I believe. And they opened for us years ago and one night, after we had finished our little tour, I opened my notebook and there was a little note from one of the Frogs and it was beautifully written and the band was playing a song in the room that day in practice and I just started singing the note. These words are written by Dennis from the Frogs – he’s here tonight. Dennis, this is for you, this song’s called “Smile”.



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