Apologies to several people who commented


I was unaware there was a spam folder on WP until today, when someone asked me if I had blocked them.  I wasn’t sure what was going on and so looked in the settings; what did I find but 50 blocked messages, half of them spam/junk, but the other 25 from various people.  There were 2 main people being blocked:  Sadje and Rob Kistner.  I do very much apologize for not knowing about the spam folder on here.  I missed a lot of great comments from you all!  I have blocked nobody on here.  If you aren’t getting any acknowledgement from me at any time, let me know, as one of you did today.

29 thoughts on “Apologies to several people who commented

  1. Every place, every where, there be the underground ways, the hidden depths, the other path …
    Sorry, but writers do bad things with words, can’t help it (I’m busy procrastinating, so easily distracted).

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  2. I check that bloody thing every day, l have almost 100 spam shiters in there, thankfully not many actual real comments. Britchy pointed this little gem out in a post last year and l am thankful that she did.

    WordPress only allow you a certain amount of comments per day l thought it had changed, but looks like that ‘s a no. So the people who are blocked is an unfair justice because they comment on a lot of posts and therefore are considered spammers by the RNG of WP.

    By the way l have tagged you for Tell the Story


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  3. Is this on a particular person’s blog or a total across all? I keep getting put into the folder of one person I “chat” with on here which makes me wonder. Maybe they don’t want WP used as a chat program?

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  4. I don’t know, but it’s something l have asked myself of late.

    I have found, that by not commenting a lot l tend to not always end up in people’s folders though. Now ironically, as you know one of my biggest personal flaws is that l don’t comment a lot on posts, But even with the minimal commenting l used to do l ended up in the folders of people, so l don’t honestly know how it works?

    If you comment a lot you run the chance of being RNG’d into spam, if you don’t only sometimes do you end up in spam, so who knows how it works?

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  5. All l know is that religiously every day l check two sections in my comments section – spam and pending, to see if l have missed anything. I see a whole lot of very specific troll shit or spam crap in my spam folder by what and whom l class as genuine spammers, and occasionally l see a genuine comment sitting there.

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  6. That spam folder is weird. I never (almost never) get any spam because I’ve opted for ‘no search engines to find me’ which seems to filter them out. However, time to time the stupid thing goes overboard and people who have responded to my blog for years will end up there. It pays to look at it time to time, just to make sure. Sorry you had to go through that, but no trial without growth, right? 🙂

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