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MLMM Wordle Bonus — Dragonballs Live


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Mindlove’s Misery Menagerie’s bonus Wordle for the day is:

 “For the love of words!”

There was quite a list of words offered, over 100, where we were challenged to write a story with as many of them as possible.  I wrote one with the following 33 words:

zephyr, yarrow, yield, xenolith, watercourse, wisteria, vestigial, underground, telluric (earthy), Sibylline (mysterious, cryptic), residual, resonance, quarry, Petrichor (the smell of the earth after rain), Ossuary (a place for the bones of the dead), Oddity, numinous (spiritual), monolith, labyrinthine, key, juniper, insidious, hollow, glacier, fossilize, Eidolon (delusion, ghost), Diaphanous (see through), cipher, Brontide (a rumbling noise), Anodyne (painkiller), Absynthian (bitter), jaundice, graphite

Once upon a time there was a being that some say was an Eidolon, a Mighty Goddess of Myth, but whom others swear was real. Regardless of whether myth or flesh, Petrichor was a Sibylline force of nature who was key to restoring peace between the Tribes of the Telluric Kingdom and the numinous labyrinthine Guardians of the Ossuary.

Petrichor was the child of a Xenolith mother, who lived in the gem-strewn Highlands of Xeno; and a Brontide father, who came from the deep underground fossilized quarries of Bronta, which are the hollowed out spaces once formerly occupied by glaciers. It was an oddity that a Xenolith and a Brontide would yield to each other long enough to create their diaphanous, aromatic daughter. It is believed that during a seasonal interspecies conference along Aquamarine Watercourse, ample mutual imbibing of Absynthian Anodyne, with liberal spicings of yarrow, wisteria, and juniper, helped facilitate the one-night joining. There was some hesitation by Petrichor’s mother when she saw her father’s residual, vestigial tail, but it was the middle of July and the zephyrs are so pleasant at that time of year.

The Tellurics were an insidious group with little regard for the lands of the Ossians and didn’t believe that the sacred ciphered fossilized dragonballs found in the deepest reaches of the quarry were anything to protect or revere. To the Tellurics they were an energy source that heated their homes and cooked their meals. When dragonballs were found by the Tellurics they were burned, and when they were burned, there was was disruption in the resonance of the planet acutely felt by the Guardians. The Monolith that had stood in the center of the Ossuary for millenia vibrated and emitted an ear-splitting tone every time a dragonball was burned.

Petrichor’s powers enabled her to fly to New Moon, which had been discovered only 50 years prior, as word from the High Spirits was that it was full of a new energy source that was 10 times more efficient than dragonballs. Indeed, the place was full of Jaundiced Graphite in endless supply. Once the Tellurics knew that, they ended their ravaging the holy relics and immediately began a graphite mining operation on New Moon.  Only Guardians knew how close to implosion the planet had come, as when more than 50% of the original dragonballs were gone, the balance of the planet would be irrevocable, leading to implosion and worldwide extinguishing of all life forms. 

What even the Guardians didn’t know was that the High Spirits had gathered space dust to create New Moon in order to provide a saving energy source.  Although they wearied of the folly of the life forms on Galactica, they were fond of them.  And they provided such great entertainment!



18 thoughts on “MLMM Wordle Bonus — Dragonballs Live

          1. Ten, twelve words are a piece of cake at this point. But digging in that list was like having a feast laid out and you just want to try mostly everything at least once 😉

            I like the Saturday Mix prompts too. I have fun with the online Thesaurus.

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