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d’Verse — Shed Diamante

cicada shed

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lillian is the hostess at d’Verse this evening, where she says:

The prompt for today: write a poem (any form; rhyming or not) that includes the word “shed” or a form of the word.

The offering today is in the form of a diamante.



rid, cast-off

sloughing, extricating, losing

remove, reject, accept, addition

holding, taking, validating



58 thoughts on “d’Verse — Shed Diamante

        1. Some only crawl out of the earth once every 17 years. The idea of crunching them underfoot makes me sad but I realize there were so many unavoidable. One of them got into my house accidentally years ago and was perched by the light over the kitchen sink. I called for help from my sons. They came over. One was able to knock it into a mason jar. The thing went berserk and vibrated itself to death 😦

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          1. I think this was the 2008 hatching of the 17 year kind, and yes, there were parts of Cincinnati, particularly where sidewalks were under old trees (which is a large portion of the city), where you couldn’t help but to step on some (or their empty shells). It was more than disturbing. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Rob. With that form, at the halfway point, you can continue with a synonym or an antonym. The only ones I’ve done so far are antonyms but may have to try a synonym once to see how it goes…


      1. Winks i came Online SeeKinG Wisdom
        ‘They’ didn’t teach
        Me in State.. Church
        And School In
        Other words
        Hehe I’m
        Not Here
        For Likes
        Follows or
        Shares but oh
        Lord Got Famous
        In Flesh And Blood
        For 10,609 Miles oF
        Moving Meditation
        Public Dance Never
        MakinG A Penny
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        Life is
        Best When
        LoVinG Free
        And It’s Always
        A Male Ego Blast
        When a Young Woman
        Says they
        Would Love to
        Marry someone
        Just like you not
        Realizing yet until
        You tell them you
        Are 58 and old
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        Be their
        Married for
        29 Years Moral
        Of the Story as
        i am running out
        Of Space to Describe
        All the Benefits oF
        Poetry Singing too..
        Mama’s Don’t raise
        Your Sons to
        As Lovers
        Have So
        Much More
        Joy than
        Gun Hands Yuck
        Just Yuck Love Free!..
        With SMiLes oF SMiLes..:)


  1. That’s a very energetic diamante, Jade, a cocoon full of verbs and action. It seems to me whatever is inside can’t wait to fly free! I like the shift from negative to positive. Great image too!

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