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d’Verse Return

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Sarah is hosting d’Verse this evening. Sarah says:

Tonight, I want you to write about a harbinger.

My offering tonight to meet the prompt is in the form of a double etheree.



night you

stay after

work like I do

and meander to

my work area. You

pretend to seek my cube mate,

but she always leaves right on time.

Bantering back and forth about songs,

ages, commitments, futures; door stays closed.

I hear you found work in her City, State.

I burn, “Biograph*”, a parting gift

for your drive across the country,

with contact info inside.

You’re gone for months, happy,

as facebook displays.

Then, word comes that,

alone, you’re




40 thoughts on “d’Verse Return

  1. The form! The narrative! They play so well together in this poetic sandbox. Your very careful word choices fill this with subtleties that scream and whisper. Also love the irony of the journey music 🙂 Nice job, Jade!

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  2. I loved this narrative in the double etheree–a whole story in a few well-chosen words.I recently listened to an episode of This American Life that was on real life stories that were like “rom-coms.” This would have fit.

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