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January Coloring Club — 1/29/19

january 29

january 29b

I was listening to the Rolling Stones’ CD, “Between the Buttons” last night and planned on putting a tune from it on here.  I decided against it because Hans is already covering it this week.

Instead, I present to you one of the best group you’ve never heard of, Dutch Henry.  “All That Space” is the title cut from their second CD, released in 2007.  I used to be a follower of this band and have seen them playing many times.  Unfortunately they broke up, which is a crying shame.

13 thoughts on “January Coloring Club — 1/29/19

    1. Greg Miller (the guy singing in the video) now plays jazz guitar as a solo or in small ensembles for dinner clubs (he’s excellent but I like him better doing his Dutch Henry!) and repairs guitars and gives lessons. John Merchant (other guitarist) does duo gigs with Greg once in awhile. The bass player, Mitch Wood, formed another group with some other guys, called “Diff N Dudley” which plays old time country that they write (pretty good too, you may be able to find them on youtube), and Todd Long, drummer, was in another band also (forgot the name) but I think he moved to Alaska? They made two albums, this one “All That Space” and their first one, “1973”.

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