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MLMM The Promised Skull

skull wall

NEKNEERAJ of Mindlovesmisery Menagerie Photo Challenge has asked for a poem or story to go with the above image.  I went with a free-form poem.

Long I

survey, with

hollowed eyes,

rubbled landscape,

cloudless skies.

Humans going

to and fro,

I watch

and wait,

through rain

and snow.

You said

you’d come

back, swore

your life,

that when

you returned

you’d be

my wife.

My skin

once white

has turned

to grey

My eyes

once twinkled

blue, now

stay black

and empty,

tinged with

green hue.

My face,

once shaven,

just as

you wished,

has a

scraggly green


It’s here.

You’re not.

I miss


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