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Chauncey — An introduction

You’ve heard me talk about my dog, Chauncey, who passed away back in 2016.  Up until recently all of my pictures of him were on another (bad) hard drive and on facebook, which I haven’t gone to for at least a month and probably longer.  FB was deactivated until I could get my many pictures lifted out of it, which fb will do you for you but it takes some time to compile the file. Well I have my file of pictures and facebook is timing out its 30 days until final deletion — good riddance!

In 2003, my youngest son went away to college and my oldest son moved out shortly afterwards (and unexpectedly!)  This left me with an instant empty nest.  It was lonely and so I started thinking about getting a pet.  A online friend of mine from way back said he’d had a Boston Terrier named Candy that went everywhere with him and was the best little buddy he’d ever had.  So… I started my search for a Boston Terrier puppy.

He was part of a litter where the lady owned the mother and her son, who lived nearby, owned the father.   They had cut a refrigerator box vertically and laid it down for a puppy corral.  All of the pups were running around and playing.  Chauncey made bee-line for me and that’s all it took.  He was the biggest puppy of the litter, and he grew into a very large Boston Terrier — which I must have heard from at least 100 people over the years when they saw him.  As if I cared what his size was.

Hold onto your hats folks and don’t OD on this picture, ok?

chauncey with meme

He was born in January of 2004.  At the time I had cable TV and was dating a guy who was really into basketball, which got me into basketball, Detroit Pistons basketball.  So… the little creeter was named Chauncey.

I will have more stories to tell about Chauncey with more pictures.

20 thoughts on “Chauncey — An introduction

      1. Same cat – the one who was young and agile enough to get onto the bike seat grew into a thug who could hip and shoulder all the local dogs! Mind you, that was because he had his own dog bodyguard. A not so little bully-cat … but so cute.

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