Stream of Consciousness Saturday

SoCS — -ly


Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday is here. Linda says:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ends with -ly.” Start your post with any adverb that ends in “-ly.” Bonus points if you end with an adverb too. Have fun!

Chillily I sit here searching through my head for something to write about other than the weather and am drawing a blank. Even with the wood burner going full tilt and the electric registers turned on, it’s still cold in here. I’m wearing layers but the cold seeps in. It was 10F earlier today when I went out to get wood. It has to be as cold if not colder now at shortly after midnight.

Warm tea helps. Rooibos tea, which isn’t a tea as much as a plant that is steeped and tastes delicious, mixed with unsweetened almond milk or with various crème liquors as a toddy, is just right for cold winter nights.

After the hours at the computer reading and writing, I am headed over for my nightly movie and/or episodes of whatever season of whatever show I’m watching. Tonight I’m watching, “RBG” about the US Supreme Court Justice. It has gotten many good reviews and also has a bonus of having Armie Hammer as her husband. While I watch, I’m layered in one small throw and one crocheted afghan, which keeps me pretty snuggly warm.

Michigan is supposed to be hit with a couple or three more storms over the next two weeks, with a few days in between each. I pray for no more power outages and I pray I figure out why the generator isn’t working just in case the power does go out.

Update:  I rented the wrong movie.  “RBG” was a documentary with the Justice herself.  I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I learned some important things about her.  She’s an American Hero.

14 thoughts on “SoCS — -ly

  1. Well, I can’t complain…we are cold here but not your kinda cold…

    Off topic if you don’t mind… What was that place near you that Buster Keaton was at? I’ve been meaning to ask you. I can’t find it in my comments.

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