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dVerse — Quadrille — Goodbye Hello


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De Jackson, aka Whimsygizmo, is our host of dVerse this day. De says:

I want you to blow some kisses into your poems today… Whatever mood or form you choose, just be sure your poem gives that Q smackeroo: precisely 44 words, not including the title, and literally containing some form of the word “kiss.”

Hello Goodbye

At the docks,

with gulls calling,

water’s surface is

sun diamonds.

Our eyes connect,

our lungs draw

salt, our hearts are

a valentine balloon,

pulling up and away.

Our lips pulling

to kiss, completing

heaven’s circuit.

You wave as your

ferry leaves the dock.

Update on 2/13/19:  I’ve changed the title to Goodbye Hello, which is more fitting.

53 thoughts on “dVerse — Quadrille — Goodbye Hello

      1. It’s joined the growing pile of manuscripts that my agent says she loved reading but it doesn’t fit into an obvious box to make it an easy sell. I only seem to write books that are beautiful to read but hard to bracket.

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      2. I was just saying to another author there must be a publisher out there that takes on multi-genre or other-genre types of books! If there isn’t there needs to be.


      3. There are always small publishers who will take a book that isn’t an easy sell, but they won’t try and sell it. They’ll let the author do that and if it doesn’t work they’ve lost nothing. I don’t want a small publisher who won’t spend anything on promotion. It’s a guarantee of failure unless you are prepared to dip deep into your own pockets so the publisher can take 60% of the profits. Publishers who are going to spend money pushing a novel will only take on what they are certain will give them a profit. I just have to write books that are ‘less complex’ less ‘ambitious’ and an easier read.

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  1. A cinematographic quadrille, Jade, with the gulls and sun diamonds. But what really strikes me are the hearts ‘a valentine balloon’ and the lips ‘completing heaven’s circuit’. The wave is ambiguous – is it a final goodbye?

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    1. I left it ambiguous on purpose. In my mind, the tension had been building up for awhile and finally, just as the person was leaving, the kiss happened. I’d like to think it is a beginning, even though the person is leaving for that moment ❤

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  2. Wonderful description of the hellos and goodbyes at a dock….could be at an airport or train or bus station….these scenes are always full of love that is sometimes joyful and sometimes heart breaking.

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  3. Happy Valentines
    To the Entire World
    For Truest Love is
    No Time Distance
    Or Space The
    Life For
    All to Share
    Some Folks
    Limit this
    Force to
    3 Letters
    Or one
    Man Never Ever
    Never Always Love
    Me SMiLes
    The Realest
    i Don’t wanna
    Sound Braggy
    But It’s a FacT
    i Will
    A FRED iN FRiEnD
    Hehe.. For i
    iN LiGHT too..
    Hehe thanks for
    ‘Putting up with
    Me’ on the dVerse
    Trail my favorite
    Wish to
    My Wife Year
    Round as she
    Coined the
    Term ‘Fredache’
    For Her
    Wish For me..;)

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      1. To Love All To Serve All And not the ‘Trump Twilight
        Zone’ for Humans
        In Line
        To Get on
        His Promised
        Land of Space Ship
        ReMeMBeR Fred
        Be nice
        ‘The Adversary/
        The Ultimate
        Truth in Life
        As Light at Least
        God is a SMiLE
        And at
        Most A
        Belly Laugh
        With Tao and
        Namaste Life
        Too my Friend
        i am currently Feeling
        Oxygen.. heHe..🌹💝🕺🙌🌈🏖🌲🎹😇🌷🌷

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