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Saturday Mix – Sound Bite, 16 February 2019! — May Day in Greenscomb

May Day

Queen Guinevere’s Maying, by John Collier

Weejars is the host of Mindlovemiserys Menagerie’s Saturday Mix. Weejars says:

This week we are hearing things, as we explore the use of ONOMATOPOEIA. You will need to use the THREE onomatopoeic words in your response – which can be poetry or prose.

Our three words, using onomatopoeia are:

  • rustle

  • thud

  • hoot

It was time for Greenscomb Village’s annual May Day Celebration. Since 1644, the Village had made May Day the most celebrated holiday of all. Greenscomb grew grapes that made the best wine along the whole of Happy Valley.

There were two main activities upon which the festival revolved. One was the May Pole, resulting in crowning the May Queen. All females aged 16 and older had to sew their own floor-length taffeta spring dresses (relatives were allowed to help) to wear. Long ribbons were attached to the top of the May Pole, where each maiden would hold one of the ribbons and dance around the pole, twisting and turning as she did. The folds of maidens’ dresses rustled as they danced. Everyone else formed a circle around them as the violins, drums, mandolins, and pipes played their merry music. The onlookers called out to their favorite maidens, often whistling, hooting, and dashing in close as if to touch them as they rustled by. At the end of the dance, the Elders would choose May Queen. Last year’s May Queen would crown the young lass and she was also given a beautiful crystal sceptre, both hers for a year.

The other main activity in town was the Bacchanalia celebration, where the males ages 18 and older competed in activities such as musical feats, arm wrestling, and sprint racing, which were assessed and scored by the Elders, who then would choose King Bacchus for the year. He likewise was crowned and was given a magnificent carved wooden staff.

Once the Queen and King were chosen, a large feast was held, where they sat at the front table with the Elders and were served first.

Misty Cher was crowned this year’s Queen, and Jax Phoenix this year’s King. Misty and Jax had grown up together and knew each other but not well. Misty was extremely shy and Jax was extremely outgoing. As the dinner began, wine was served to all 16 or over (only on this holiday). Misty had never tried wine before. After half a glass of white wine, Misty’s cheeks were rosy and she felt a little light-headed. Jax had been drinking wine for a couple of years and so was not effected by it. Misty felt her tongue loosen and she began to laugh at Jax’s jokes, which weren’t that funny but they seemed so to Misty just then. Misty finished her first glass of wine and her server poured her another.

Dinner was done and the musicians began to play. Jax stood up and held out his hand to Misty.

Dance, M’lady?”

Misty twittered and giggled and stood up. She immediately felt a little dizzy. She took Jax’s hand and he led the way to the dance floor. The Queen and King always danced first. Jax was an experienced dancer for one so young, with the practice he’d gotten at the previous two year’s festivals. He held one of her hands in his and had a firm grip around her waist.

Just follow my lead, Your Highness,” Jax whispered in Misty’s ear.

They began to move around the dance floor, which was positioned in the center of the dining area. Round and round Jax spun Misty; her dress rustled much more quickly than before.

Misty began to feel extremely dizzy and her stomach gave a lurch. Misty’s knees buckled and she fell to the ground with a thud — passed out.

16 thoughts on “Saturday Mix – Sound Bite, 16 February 2019! — May Day in Greenscomb

  1. Play your flute while I sing my song.
    My god awakens as I wear my thong.
    An amazing shout of ecstasy is all around.
    We sprang from sleep and let our hair down.
    My drums sound like thunder, beating the ground.
    Bacchus rules the night, he hears my every sound.
    Bacchus excites madness which is not odd.
    Let my frenzied dancing, awaken my god.
    We have loosened our garments and hitched them up.
    We get our inspiration drinking wine from this cup.
    I’m here because I have this wonderful amazing dream.
    That you will take my loving body and make me scream.
    May my gift of dancing bring you joy.
    I drink your wine, I will not to annoy.
    I will tame wild creatures, by nursing them.
    My body belongs to you, come lift my hem.
    Bacchus your generosity has me awed.
    Let my frenzied dancing, awaken my god.

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