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Family Frayed

mom going bananas

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Fandango’s FOWC is undermine, the Word of the Day Challenge is seldomly, and Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are: keyboard, bananas, rattle

Every time Sally told her twelve year-old son, Billy, to do something or not do something, Sally’s boyfriend, Quincy, tried to undermine her parental authority. Quincy had grown up in a family where rules were something for others to follow and he was passing this legacy on to his virtual stepson. The longer Sally and Quincy remained together, the worse Billy got.

One day Billy was at the living room PC doing his homework when he decided to watch a few youtubes for a break. Quincy had shown Billy a website for anarchist rappers the day before. Billy was listening to one that had “R” rated lyrics and a deep throbbing bass line. Billy started pounding on the edge of the computer table, which made the keyboard rattle annoyingly. The song seemed to go on forever and Billy had the volume cranked to near max.

Seldomly had Sally been so irritated, especially when she told Billy to turn it down and Quincy instantly interjected with, “No Sally, he needs to hear this.”

Billy!!” screamed Sally over the mega-thumping, “I’m going bananas here!” as she ran over to unplug the PC from the wall.

Sally didn’t want to see where the path she was on with Quincy was headed next. She and Billy moved back in with her sister the following week.

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