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The Friday Four — 2/22/19



OK it is time for another Friday Four from A Guy Called Bloke!

The Friday Four

Ah questions, questions, questions – what is it about you and questions Rory?

Simple, l just like asking questions.

Some relatively simple ones today for this Friday however…


1] How often do you update your ‘About Section’, in your blog and do you consider it an important aspect to your blog and if so – why?

I never update my “About Section” because the underlying philosophy of my blog doesn’t change. 

2] Which do you prefer and why and what entices you to become involved with them?

a] Competitions

b] Challenges

c] Quizzes

d] Prompts

e] All of the above, it just depends on how much time there is to do them.

3] How often do you ‘reblog or share other blogger’s posts?

Not often.  It has to be pretty outstanding writing or something important for others to know.

4] What prompts you to do so?

See #3

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