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SoCS — Warning! Warning!



Linda G. Hill’s says:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “critic(al).” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Critical is an extreme. Critical wants, no needs, you to pay attention. It is at a far end of a continuum in a situation where moderation is needed. For example if a person is in a critical care unit at the hospital, parts of their body functions are shut down, or otherwise compromised. The critical care is a specially trained nurse or even a whole medical team providing coordinated care to help you heal. Without their care, the patient would almost surely die.

Critical can also be an impending health condition. I have watched two episodes so far of an Australian TV show called, “Bringing Sexy Back”, on netflix. The first episode was a single man and the show I watched last night was a couple. In both cases, they had descended into inertia and poor eating habits and were in bad shape as far as weight, fat body mass index, and energy levels. The show gives them a trainer, who comes to live with them for a week to jump start their exercise and helps them set goals, advice on healthy eating, and then they get a makeover at the end after they have brought their sexy back. As I’m where they were, a “before” if you will, I’m hoping this motivates me.

Critical can be a situation with the environment or species, plant or animal, within the environment. When a species is designated endangered or protected, it means it is on its way to becoming extinct without intervention. Interventions can be complicated and many times is resisted or opposed by those who don’t care about other living things, or may care but not care enough to let it hinder their goals, actions, or acquisitions.

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