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Winter Haibun

snow devil

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I had to travel on the highway today to volunteer at the cat shelter and to check on my two fur granddaughters for my son and his wife, as they are out of town.  The winds in the area reached between 50-65 mph — and it’s still at it out there! — and the snow was caught up in it.  All along the highway path it swirled, at times making snow funnels.  It was too dangerous to pull over, but it was cool to see.


Winter gusts off the lake

whirling snow devils dance

to a howling tune.

In case you don’t know what a snow devil is, I found a youtube of one.  One difference between the one here and the many I saw today was size.  The youtube one is huge, the ones I saw were maybe 2-4 feet tall.  Another difference was the amount of wind.  Didn’t look like much wind in the youtube but hard to tell, whereas the wind here today is literally howling with speed.

14 thoughts on “Winter Haibun

    1. It was a harrowing drive there, saw one car in the ditch and in the city another that had hit a fire hydrant (it wasn’t spouting water), but the roads were pretty much sheer ice. By the time I drove home the highways were dry and clear.

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    1. Cool in one way, if you’re snuggly warm inside. Are the snow devils dancing for you?? Today here the wind has traveled on and a mere speckling of tiny snow is falling. The front and back yards are littered with twigs.

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