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dVerse — Blaming and Forgiveness


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Frank is the host of dVerse tonight. Frank says:

I found M. Scott Peck’s Further Along the Road Less Traveled in a used bookstore a few weeks ago. It has been a challenge to read. As I understand it Peck describes a spiritual journey we are all on, whether we like it or not, from narcissism to at least something better – or less narcissistic.One of the chapters is titled “Blame and Forgiveness”….So, that is the prompt: blame and forgiveness. Either one. Or both. There are no other constraints.  It need not be about the poet’s own life.

My offering is in the form of a quatern.


live constructed mala en se
baned key to christianity
burnished tool of evildoers
banner demands payment for good

Pollyanna: “Grow up! Forgive!”
live constructed mala en se
walk straight and tango on one leg
trained pony guilt, unforgiveness

time to collect oozing samples
from the foul infected squirmer
live constructed mala en se
for forensic analysis

caged, cauterize its tentacles
shift its home from the limbic realm
to autonomic memory
live constructed mala en se

26 thoughts on “dVerse — Blaming and Forgiveness

  1. Sometimes I wonder if there is such a thing as mala in se… (had to google that)… somehow it might be something constructed to cage us and ask forgiveness for things that are not worth asking for….

    There is a risk in missing the greater evil while looking for misdemeanors

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