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Oh Prompt Me Do!! — Musically Minded

A Guy Called Bloke’s O Prompt Me Do!!’s, Musically Minded was challenging but a lot of fun to write. Click on the link to see the bands, the songs, and the videos to see who I’m writing about. The challenge was, per Rory (aka A Guy Called Bloke) was:

4 Album Tracks, 4 Different Albums, 4 Artists, Your Prompt Words are beneath each video displayed – your task as Musical Director is to write a story incorporating all prompt words, as well as where possible incorporating the theme of each piece of music into your woven tale – allowing it to express the Title “Musically Minded” in your 1000 word story ………

The tale I tell is that of several talented musical friends who met in an interesting way.


Neil, a tall lanky player from way back, had a way about him that the ladies found irresistable. Whenever he’d walk into the club, he’d soon be swarmed with goo goo eyed young lasses who hung on his every word. What made Neil special is that the guys thought he was the greatest also. Instead of being jealous of his babe magnetism, they basked in his glory as well. He had picked up a guitar at 13 and could play anything by the age of 17.

What only his closest friends knew is that Neil was a junkie, a heroin addict from way back. He was able to hide his addiction by shooting up in spots not easily visible. When Neil was high, people thought he was just cool and laid back and maybe had smoked a little weed.

Neil’s parents had been junkies, so he had seen the needle and the damage done since he was ten years old. His mother had OD’d when he was 13. He swore he’d never touch any drug. Then the love of his life, Marianne, dumped him for another musician. Neil reached for the booze first, but it couldn’t kill the pain, so he sought out the needle and it had been with him ever since.

One night Neil’s then-girlfriend found him unconscious and called an ambulance. He ended up at the ER, where the doctors recommended he be sent to the county psychiatric unit for observation and assessment.


Sweet Billy Pilgrim had been a high strung child since the age of three, when he saw his mother murdered in front of his eyes by her boyfriend. Police found Billy three days later, sitting near his mother’s strangled corpse in a catatonic state. The State sent him to live with his 70 year-old bachelor uncle, Harold, and Uncle Harold’s “niece”, Penelope, which was really a younger female paid companion that Uncle Harold had picked up off of a street corner one day and “adopted”. Penelope, only 18 at that time, was a decent caretaker for Billy. She made sure he got to his psychologist appointments and that he took his medications as prescribed.

Uncle Harold was tight with his funds. Despite being quite wealthy, he raised Billy (and Penelope) to be frugal and penny-wise. They had to take public transportation and went to the public schools. They were expected to buy clothes from the thrift shops. Their meals were the only extravagant aspect of their daily living, as Uncle Harold was on a specialized diet.

When Billy turned 18, Uncle Harold was 85 and Penelope was 33. One thing led to another and Sweet Billy and Penelope became romantically involved. When Uncle Harold walked in on the two in each other’s embrace, it was too much for his heart. The reading of the will left everything split 50/50 between the two. When they realized just how much money they had inherited, they looked at each other wide-eyed. Billy said, “We sure arrived at [wealth] upside down!”

Like a spring that’s been held under someone’s thumb for too long, once the thumb released them, Billy and Penelope went on a drugging and shopping spree the likes of which had never been seen before. They were found by the coast guard passed out on a yacht that had drifted into a busy marine channel. Both were sent to the county psychiatric unit for observation and assessment.


Kanye had been tested early for being gifted when his parents noticed how advanced he was compared to other toddlers his age. He began to speak in complete sentences at age 3 and was writing complete sentences by age 4. As Kanye’s parents had come from humble beginnings, they were very motivated to find ways to develop their son’s genius. Kanye was enrolled in advanced academics, piano, percussion, and brass lessons, as well as art and creative design classes. Kanye’s tiny ego was being force-fed and soon he began to believe that he was, indeed, a god on earth.

As Kanye’s ego grew, his other attributes, such as caring, compassion, and empathy, shrank. His greatest fans, his parents, were on the receiving end of his ego-driven cruelty more often than not. Any time they would attempt to set limits or correct Kanye, he would respond in his best imperious voice, “Can’t tell me nothing.” At some point the parents gave up and let him do as he pleased.

His classmates secretly hated him because he was so superior to them, no matter the task, but they were afraid of his cruelty and so pretended to adore him. This was like putting his ego on steroids. It was only when Kanye overheard a group of his “friends” talking and expressing how they really felt about him that Kanye got a reality check.

Kanye left them all in the dust, graduating from high school at age 15. He left for college in the big city. College bored him to tears so he often cut classes and hung out down at the park with a subculture of rappers, powders, needles, and drug dealing.

Kanye got mixed up with the powders, which made him paranoid and outrageous. He started slapping his then-girlfriend around at the park one day and the police were called. Kanye tried to fight the police and found himself in a holding cell, waiting for arraignment. He freaked out and ended up being taken to the county psychiatric unit for observation and assessment.


Neil, Billy, Penelope, and Kanye all ended up in the same unit and became fast friends. They realized they were all talented musicians and wanted to form a group and call it, “She Drives Me Crazy.” After they were released, they decided to change the name to, “The Fine Young Cannibals.”

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