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#FPQ –tainted evil


Fandango’s Provocative Question is a doozy this time.

When you learn about highly regarded artists being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, especially with minors, can you separate the artists from their art, or would you refuse to listen to, watch, or read the artists’ works?”

Let’s start with clarification of terms. A celebrity or artist is a person who manifests certain attributes. The attribute can be abilities that can create art in some fashion, such as music, film, writing, painting, etc. A person with celebrity is put into the limelight, where eyes are on them with an expectation to perform/create. If anything, celebrities ideally would conduct themselves in a more honorable way than the average person. Instead, that responsibility is often perverted into anything to be noticed. Look at the idiot at the helm and the lengths he will go to to be the daily buzz topic of the human world.

A celebrity’s attributes can also be sexually abusing or exploiting a vulnerable victim or any other non-consenting individual.

It is important to remember that the celebrity is a person first. A person who has to be held responsible for criminal sexual conduct. Being famous doesn’t give anybody a pass on essentially evil crimes, such as exploiting little teenagers like R. Kelly, or the grooming, long-term sexual abuse of young boys, and paying off their families to keep their child available like Michael Jackson. Or Woody Allen, taking nude pictures of his stepdaughter and sexually abusing another one of them. Or Weinstein, exploiting his power position and forcing himself upon young starlets. Or Bill Cosby, slipping rufes into drinks. :::GAG::: Or Kevin Spacey. Or Louis C.K. Or Hugh Hefner. The list is endless. All men! What the hell. You never see females put into this position, even though I’m sure it happens.

Setting that stage, HELL YES, they go on my permanent boycott list. I don’t care if their talent allows them to walk on water, they are dead to me, figuratively speaking, with a wish that it was a literal fact.

There are millions, maybe zillions of talented artists out there of all media that AREN’T inappropriately sexually victimizing others. They are who I will give my allegiance to, not them. They can ESAD – please!

17 thoughts on “#FPQ –tainted evil

  1. Here we are in a time when things said in past contexts, by someone else we already knew was a jerk, are being put out for the attention of the public today — and responded to by him with a condescending reaction as to having said “something naughty.” I’m referring to Tucker Carlson. It’s sick enough to talk like it’s okay-ish to groom young girls (if we assume he has never participated in or enabled such actual activity).

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    1. I had to look up who he was. “Naughty” has a connotation of something a little risque but nothing harmful. He’s minimizing what he said by suggesting his “hate speech” is anything close to naughty. My thought is that the #metoo movement has empowered many who have been silenced as they are being validated now. With the electronic age it is so much easier to dig for the dirt on these creeps also.


      1. Yes, I agree his speech was harmful… as is his current response (and that he is trying to minimize as well as confuse — possibly even confuse someone specific, like his wife or someone else, in addition to his audience [as usual] and so on). And I found, today, there were further reminders of things he has said.

        People like him are so riddled with meaninglessness. He wants to point out someone not demonstrating being bright and then he wants to point out someone brilliant not being attractive to him. And what was his bunch supposedly for — so we were supposed to think — all this time? Family? Decency? Law? It’s a ruse.

        [And then, in addition to those types of subjects, he said ludicrous and hateful things about foreigners and people of varied culture.]

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        1. I’ve got to say, after reading the article at that link, he’s much worse than what I thought after reading an earlier article just putting females down. Yet, FOX is standing by him?? When we have a POTUS that has said so many of the same things this POS (you may have to look this one up also) said, it’s like giving every POS on the planet a megaphone. If what he has said isn’t hate speech, what is?


    1. Jim, I apologize for any confusion by saying “All MEN”. I don’t mean ALL men, but whenever one of these slimebags gets revealed it is always a male. I’m sure there are females who abuse power and sexually abuse and exploit, I just haven’t heard of any female celebs — wait now I just remembered one — Argento (Dario’s daughter). She’s one. About roofies, didn’t know how to spell it, thanks.

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  2. Depravity connects to perceived power, not art. Art needs a nobility which they have lost. But they have perfected techniques which they continue to execute, and the world hails that work as genius, because they have a reputation. In India, filmmakers who have dealt with woman-sensitive topics are in the domestic violence and #MeToo accused list. They know what sells, and probably have hired good storywriters and actors.When they praise creative talent, they are seeing the money it can bring, not the spirit. It is not their own soul, which is in the work.

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    1. Reena, thank you for your insight. You have articulated the dynamics so well. It tears me apart when I see some of who were my favorite actors choosing to play in Woody Allen movies. One they make that choice they are on my boycott list.

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