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Friday Fictioneers — The Pleyel

Rochelle is the host of the most lovely Friday Fictioneers.

Rochelle says:

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Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin was born in March 1810, in Poland. In 1830, he left Poland for Paris. In 1848, this once proud Pleyel adorned Chopin’s conservatory there. Chopin called it “his own” and polished its keys as if it were a lover. From France, it traveled to London, then to Scotland, to Mrs. Trotter’s parlor out on the farm. Lindsay, her granddaughter, played, “Mary’s Little Lamb” on it. Lindsay died from croup in 1981, after which the Pleyel started a transient’s journey. Here, 2019, is where it sits today.


43 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers — The Pleyel

  1. Rochelle’s story block didn’t load for me here…so I may have missed something. Not sure if your account is true or half true! Thinking that you twisted the end? I do love famous instrument stories!

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  2. Thank you for letting me know. I tried to use Rochelle’s linkup tab on the post in addition to using Mr. Linky at her site. I noticed there was some extra script at the end, but left it there. I copied it whole so not sure what the problem is. Will just remove it for now and try to figure it out. You can still click on Friday Fictioneers link at the very top of the page. Will you let me know if that works please?


  3. Yes, it is very busy there. Lots of entries and very good writing. I didn’t change the end, it had that link on there before. I just took what was supposed to be a button to Rochelle’s site off. Maybe the two links got mixed together??


  4. This is fact mixed with fiction. From the time it left Chopin’s ownership is fiction, although I think 1981 was a real date for something that I found at that link or at wikipedia.


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