Beyond Vanilla

fault line

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Fandango’s FOWC is blot, the Word Challenge of the Day is focus, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are earthquake, vanilla, pillbox, and Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge prompt is “Did you check the date before you used it?’

Zimmy had gone beyond vanilla a long time ago. He remembered the turning point as the day he met Hazel at the little night club in downtown San Diego. She was dressed in a short black dress, deep purple spike heeled shoes, and the most adorable faux leopard-skin pillbox hat he had ever seen. From that day on vanilla became a distant pleasant creamy memory blot. From then on adventure as it came was Zimmy’s new focus, Hazel’s hand in his every step of the way.

Hazel’s hat set the tone. The first dance came when San Andreas caused a series of earthquakes. Zimmy had just asked a waitress, “Did you check the date before you used it?” on the creamer that had curdled in their coffee, when the cafe started sashaying. Hazel smiled her nuclear smile and said, “C’mon Zimmy, time to ride!” They jumped in Hazel’s convertible and headed towards the rumble.

In the desert they saw the fault line by the smoke rising from it. They jumped out of the vehicle and ran to the edge of the crevasse. Hazel hurled herself onto Zimmy and they tumbled to the ground. They kissed and rolled in the dirt while the world split open.

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  1. msjadeli says:

    I have no clue why my fonts are all effed up now. they are either giant or tiny, but not what they were before. ::sigh:: discouraging.


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